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SAB hierarchy



SAB is comprised of six committees that each play a unique roll in bringing entertainment to campus.

SAB is also home to some of the best advisors on campus.



Winston Vanderhoof

Email: ad96@truman.edu

Winston has been involved with SAB since 1979 when, as a super senior, he was selected to be on the Board. He can’t remember the selection process, just that he made it on the Board. After graduating and working for 5 years, he came back to Truman. In 1991 he was drafted to be the SAB advisor to help with a situation that had arisen. From what he thought was a temporary appointment has turned into a 20+ year love affair.

Rebecca ConoverBecca Conover

Email: rconover@truman.edu

It is an awesome community to be a part of and Becca continues to work to make sure the campus provides more inclusive spaces and unique opportunities for all students. As the Program Advisor for Campus Activities, Becca advises SAB, FAC, Homecoming Committee, and serves as the direct supervisor for the Organization Development Committee and Student Engagement team in the U & I. This is her second year with us, officially and she’s already shown extreme dedication and conviction to the board and all of Truman.