What is the mission statement of SAB?
The Student Activities Board is committed to providing the highest quality of programming to all students while actively seeking to satisfy the diverse entertainment needs of Truman State University.

Where does SAB’s money come from?
Our budget comes from the Student Activities Fee that each student pays in their tuition. This fee is allocated among SAB, the Funds Allotment Council (FAC), Readership Program, and Student Government. The fee is reviewed every 3 years by the OAF Committee, whose reports can be viewed here.

How can I give SAB feedback?
The student body primarily influences the events SAB brings by responding to our surveys. Other ways to make your voice heard include attending our board meetings, submitting to our Suggestion Box, or contacting us directly. That information can be found on our Contact Us page.

Where and when does SAB meet?
Board meetings are every Thursday during the fall and spring semesters at 6:00 PM in the SUB Conference Room. Individual committees meet on a weekly basis at a time and place decided by the committee.

How many members are on SAB?
There are anywhere between 33-38 board members on SAB, as mandated by our Constitution.

How much work do the students on SAB actually do?
Students are responsible for planning all aspects of events. This includes things like research, working with agents, negotiating contracts, arranging hospitality, and transporting entertainers.

What is the ticket policy for SAB events?
The current SAB ticket policy is that only 1 ticket shall be distributed for every 1 student ID, and the student who is depicted on the ID must be present when obtaining the ticket. Friends and colleagues are not allowed to bring multiple IDs in order to pick up several tickets at once. This policy is enforced to avoid a single student purchasing multiple tickets at the student rate.

How can I join SAB?
We have an application period at the beginning of every fall semester, and depending on how many members we have another application period at the beginning of the spring semester. If you’re interested in applying, please go here.