The Executive Committee is composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. This committee is responsible for overseeing and supervising all internal operations. They are elected by the Board.

The President serves as the chair to the Executive Committee; they also spearhead the selections process, officiates board meetings, presides over all non-standing and appointed positions, and acts as the liaison between University faculty & staff and SAB.

The Vice President oversees all committee chairs, handles internal board relations, manages event evaluations, and controls risk management plans.

The Secretary takes meeting minutes, maintains the SAB Office, and does all other clerical tasks necessary for smooth board operations.

The Treasurer keeps financial records and publishes them to the student body after the academic year has ended.

Contact: sab+executive@truman.edu


Blake Buthod

Blake is a senior Computer Science and Business Administration double major at Truman; his hometown is in Jefferson City, MO. He joined the board in the Fall of 2014, and his favorite SAB event was the Welcome Back Comedian: Myq Kaplan. He loves Truman because of the community and the drive to make an impact. Outside of class and SAB, Blake is involved in The Aquadome and “the monitor.” His hobbies include music, graphic design, and League of Legends. Blake’s dream job would be a software developer.

Rebekah Sutherland
Vice President

Rebekah is a senior Business Administration major at Truman; her hometown is in Farmington, MO. She joined the board in the Fall of 2014, and her favorite SAB event was Holiday Lights. She loves Truman because of the mild winters and the fact that strangers will let her slackline with them. Outside of class and SAB, Rebekah is involved in the Lutheran Student Fellowship. Her hobbies include playing the guitar, mandolin, banjo, and ukulele; hiking; kayaking; cooking; eating only the cheddar popcorn in a Christmas popcorn tin; and small dog photography. Rebekah’s dream job would be as a game show host.

Jamie David

Jamie is a junior Biology major at Truman; her hometown is in St. Louis, MO. She joined the board in the Fall of 2015, and her favorite SAB event was the Hunts Concert. She loves Truman because of the community atmosphere throughout the campus. Outside of class and SAB, Jamie is involved in AMSA and Alpha Sigma Alpha. Her hobbies include running, baking, and Netflix with Ben and Jerry’s. Jamie’s dream job would be as a Pediatric Doctor without Borders.


Audrey Leclou

Audrey is a senior Math major at Truman; her hometown is in Omaha, NE. She joined the board in the Fall of 2015, and her favorite SAB event was Trivia Night. She loves Truman because of the opportunities. Outside of class and SAB, Audrey is involved in the ResLife Conduct Board. Her hobbies include swing dancing and reading. Audrey’s dream job would be as an actuary.